Order Local, Shop National

Earn cryptocurrency rewards from your purchases

Order Local, Shop National

Get up to 5% cash back rewards from every transaction – Unlimited!

Shop Locally and at the world’s most loved brands

Earn cryptocurrency rewards from your purchases

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Get Seen, Get Orders

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This is the #1 way to Connect to the Community

Nonprofits and Universities can provide direct monetary support to each local merchant on the Bypasslines network. Connecting organizations to community businesses:


  • These organizations will engage their supporters, students, faculty or staff to shop or order from these participating local businesses.
  • Bypasslines will reward each customer based on their transaction with cryptocurrency.
  • Bypasslines will donate a percentage of each transaction to each Nonprofit or University these loyal customers are supporting. No Cost to the customer or to the Merchant!
  • This direct infusion of customers will increase revenue for each merchant participating with Bypasslines, spurring economic growth and creating generational wealth opportunities for customers.

Get Donations, Get Orders

We deliver an impact wherever people work, learn, recover and play.


Get Seen/Get Orders

Get seen by thousands of customers in the local area shopping at bypasslines which means more revenue for you.

Reach your customers

We are connecting businesses to the local community though Delivery, Online Ordering, Catering and Dine-in.


Our solutions are the #1 fastest and easiest way to connect with your community and increase your revenue no matter the venue.


The Program

Get donations up to 1% of your supporter’s eligible purchases on Bypasslines to your charity.


The donations will be made at no extra cost to you or your supporter.

Get rewarded

Your supporters are incentivized to shop getting cryptocurrency for every purchase at over 1000 of their favorite retail stores and local restaurants just start ordering and shopping at bypasslines