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Bypasslines has helped many of the partners see 87% more revenue, over 10x new customers, over 70% increase in brand awareness…Let’s get started!

A Network of People Helping YOU!

Now organizations can leverage their members, students, or staff to support the local business community and gain donations. Connect with the community and leverage the purchase power of your organization. Reach your goals while doing good.

What if you were apart of a network that can create a constant flow of donations? What if there is a system that provides direct financial support to the local community and creates never before engagement with your staff, students or members?

Partnership with Benefits

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Hospitality Partners

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Sports & Entertainment Partners

Sports & Entertainment Partners

Business Partners

Business Partners

We are a Community Connector

Impact local businesses and get paid from every transaction!

For every transaction you earn funding from everyday purchases. Your employees, members or students will support local businesses inside the Bypasslines network. Donations can be provided from simple purchases like grabbing lunch in the afternoon or having dinner with their family. People supporting local businesses and you are earning donations at the same time!

This innovative exclusive network is an economic loop that feeds the community and provide needed revenue to organizations using their own internal community – the people. Any organization can use our community connector. It’s a unique model where organizations can promote businesses in the community, and leverage their staff or students directly supporting with their dollars. As a result, the organization is rewarded with a new fundraising stream that’s powered by their people supporting their local community businesses.

Are you a HBCU?

Join a new and innovative funding source for Black Colleges while helping Black Businesses!

Get connected to your community

Fundraising Revenue

Generate revenue for your organization supporting local businesses.

Community Support

Directly supporting black businesses and other community businesses powered by people.


Bypasslines allow customers to reach these business in the local community easily and securely.

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