Our Mission

Community Connector

We are a community connector transforming fundraising through partnerships, technology and creative engagement with customers.

Innovation is our Culture

Unique Partnerships

Connecting with organizations, small businesses and large corporations allows us to share ideas and creativity across industries. We are here to improve customer engagement.

Creative Technology

We meet all of our partners where they are, but always look to improve and further enhance their technology to ensure premium engagement with their customers.

Beyond Expectations

Customers love convenience and expect for businesses to meet those expectations seamlessly. We go beyond and exceed those expectations and ensure their experiences are life changing.

Future Innovations

Technology is everchanging and we stay flexible to meet that change. Our innovations are cutting edge and our products continue to evolve to ensure our partners are growing and their ventures are profitable.


Our Innovations, Our Communities!

What does it look like when organizations are rewarded to purposely drive their constituents to support and patronize local businesses? It looks like Bypasslines! As unprecedented as that may sound, large organizations like universities are uniquely positioned to change the economic growth narrative. Many large organizations reside in communities that thrive on their presence and feed off the traffic they generate. Many organizations like universities seek additional revenue and have exhausted their resources trying to keep their systems operational or even their doors open. We are disrupting every aspect of Fundraising - by creatively implementing a unique strategy that's relatively simple. We create partnerships that support not only these organizations but local businesses alike. Our innovations, along side of our partners, ensure they not only survive, they become empowered through real engagement.

We aim to increase engagement, increase revenue and provided technology in places never considered before. We are from these communities and we will continue to support these communities, no matter the environment or situation – We are relentless!


Complex becomes simple which means more profits!

Network Cards

We are partnering with colleges and universities beginning with HBCU’s and creating a community connection between students and merchants

Live Ordering

Live ordering has become the next innovation that has change how customers are shopping with retailers and restaurants. Our vision-based technology will create incredible engagement between merchants and customers; as well as the new and upcoming entrepreneurs. .

Custom Mobile Apps

Keeping your customers engage is hard and keeping their loyalty is even harder. A customized mobile app ensures those loyalties stay with your brand and not a third party app.

QR Codes are Changing the World

QR codes are now becoming the go to tool from social media, rewards, payments, tracking and ordering at your convenience. We are dynamically designing new innovations to create a touchless and QR codes are at the forefront..

Get Donations, Get Orders

We deliver an impact wherever people work, learn, recover and play.


Get Seen/Get Orders

Get seen by thousands of customers in the local area shopping at bypasslines which means more revenue for you.

Reach your customers

We are connecting businesses to the local community though Delivery, Online Ordering, Catering and Dine-in.


Our solutions are the #1 fastest and easiest way to connect with your community and increase your revenue no matter the venue.


The Program

Get donations up to 1% of your supporter’s eligible purchases on Bypasslines to your charity.


The donations will be made at no extra cost to you or your supporter.

Get rewarded

Your supporters are incentivized to shop getting cryptocurrency for every purchase at over 1000 of their favorite retail stores and local restaurants just start ordering and shopping at bypasslines

Join the Network

Join our exclusive club of merchants that receive thousands of sales from our partnerships with local colleges and universities….for free!

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