Online Ordering Mobile App For Restaurants



Our mobile payment solution gives your guests a contactless way to pay

Mobile Apps for Restaurants, Retail and more 

Our white-label mobile apps are built from the ground up as native mobile apps, which means load times, animations, and general responsiveness are state of the art.

How it works


  • Fully integrated with bypasslines Platform, so you only have one partner–and one system–to  manage
  • No hardware needed–it’s compatible with any smartphone device, so it’s easy for your customers to adopt, regardless of their mobile preference.
  • No app development required – Guests simply scan a QR code or click a link from a text message that takes them to a mobile website, increasing both speed and guest usage.
  • Email receipts – Your guests can enter their email address to automatically receive an electronic receipt via email once the check has been processed and paid.
  • Branded UI – easily add your logo to make the bypasslines Mobile Pay portal align with your brand.
  • PCI compliant and PCI validated – Reducing scope for operators completing their PCI assessment.

28,000 guest paid our companies thousands of dollars using bypasslines mobile pay in 2021

Mobile Ordering Worthy of  Your Brand

Native iOS and Android Mobile Apps

Fully Branded with logos & images down to your modifiers

Built-in autonomous upsell recommendations engine


  • Plan and prepare for the future of payments
    There’s a growing demand for mobile payments, digital wallets and contactless payment options. According to Forbes, in 2026, digital natives will comprise 59% of the consumers in the U.S., and are more apt to use mobile payments than previous generations.
  • Provide a contactless payment experience
    Customers pay and tip using their own device, so they never have to hand their credit card to a server or touch a payment device.
  • Increase speed of service
    Allowing your guests to pay on demand helps your staff turn tables faster during peak day parts.
  • Increase guest satisfaction and trust
    Guests will appreciate the ability to safely control their payment experience and reduce contact by only needing to interact with their smartphone. .
  • Improve tip percentages
    bypasslines Mobile Pay allows you to preset tip percentages, making it easier and quicker for customers to add a higher tip.
  • Reduce potential credit card fraud
    Gain added security with CVV verification and Address Verification Service (AVS) when you combine bypasslines Payment Solutions with bypasslines Mobile Pay.



You only have one partner to manage since Mobile Pay can be easily added to your existing bypasslines solution

Easy to Layer

It’s easy to layer on additional mobile payment options to enhance your customer experience in a way that works for your business, i.e., pay at table, online ordering and payment devices for your delivery drivers

Additional Security

You’ll add a layer of security when using bypasslines Payment Solutions with CVV and AVS verification

Integrated Loyalty & Marketing

Whether you want to use points, punches, or cause-based loyalty, we can help you stand out from the competition. You can easily reward your most loyal guests and turn casual customers into regulars. Learn more about our loyalty capabilities.

Inbox, Push Notifications & Emails

Send push notifications and emails to alert users about a new promotion or to tell them about an upcoming event at your restaurant!

Gift cards

Our state-of-the art gift cards can be loaded onto the app and used in a scan-to-pay format in the store, or used as a prepayment method on the app. Multiple gift cards can be saved in the wallet. Learn more about our gift card capabilities.

Digital Wallet

Save credit cards and securely use them across locations. We support some of the largest payment processors in the US and Canada.