The Network card


Your contactless Network card makes it easy

Want a Contactless Network credit card powered by Bypasslines?

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Experience a convenient way to pay

Check out quickly and safely with your The Network card. You’ll save time and continue to enjoy all the benefits of using your card.


Tapping to pay is faster than swiping or inserting your card.


Simply tap your Contactless Network card on the checkout terminal.


Enjoy the same dynamic security as chip cards.

How to know if your Network card is contactless

Look for the Contactless Indicator on the front or back of your Network card — that means it has the technology to tap to pay!

To replace your existing card with a Tap-to-pay card, go to the Network Card Replacement page. To apply for a new Network credit card please go to the Network Card Marketplace.

How to use your Contactless Network card card

All you have to do is tap your contactless card on the checkout terminal to complete your payment.

1. Look

Find the Contactless Symbol at checkout.

2. Tap

Simply tap your Contactless Network card card on the checkout terminal.

3. Go

Your payment is processed in seconds.

Where you can tap to pay

At coffee shops, grocery stores, pharmacies, fast food restaurants and vending machines your card purchases are easier than ever, as more retailers accept contactless payments around the world!

Mass transit and taxis

Coffee shops and fast-food restaurants

Grocery stores, pharmacies and more

Use your contactless Network card to enjoy the speed, simplicity and security of contactless payments.

Contactless payments use short-range proximity technology to securely complete payments between a contactless card and a contactless-enabled checkout terminal. Your contactless Chase card is a chip card that has a near-field communication (NFC) antenna, enabling close-range payments. When you tap your contactless Chase card at the contactless-enabled checkout terminal (near the Contactless Symbol), your payment is sent for authorization.

Once you're prompted to pay (by the cashier or the machine), simply tap your card to the terminal where you see the Contactless Symbol.

FAST — Contactless payments are fast and convenient to use in places where you need to pay on the go, such as fast-food restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores and more.
EASY — Contactless payments are easy since all you have to do is tap your card on the checkout terminal to complete your payment.
SECURE — Contactless payments are secure because just like a chip card, each transaction is accompanied by a one-time security code that protects your payment information.
And unlike cash, you can keep better records of your purchases with your contactless Network card. You can still do everything you would do with a non-contactless Network card, including adding a tip.

Yes. Paying with your contactless Network card is safe for a number of reasons:

Just like with a chip card, each transaction is accompanied by a one-time security code that securely protects your payment information.
You can’t pay accidentally – your card must be within 1-2 inches of the terminal for the transaction to occur (and you won’t be billed twice, even if you accidentally tap twice).