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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In An Online Ordering System

It goes without saying that people are busier than ever. People have less and less free time to organize meals or even sit down at a restaurant for more than an hour with their families between work, school, kids’ activities, and meetings. According to a recent survey, the average family lunch lasts roughly 15 minutes.

The challenge then becomes, how can restaurants continue to compete for family dining money while allowing consumers to eat at their leisure. Online and digital ordering systems could be the solution these restaurants are seeking for.

Before diving into the advantages of online/digital ordering systems let’s first quickly understand the definition of an online ordering system.

What is an Online Ordering System (A General Overview)

An online ordering system is a simple automated system that allows your restaurant to process internet-based meal orders from online customers via a branded website or mobile app.

A restaurant food ordering website or app is a very accurate rendition of the aforementioned definition of “what is an online ordering system.” Customers access your brand’s website or mobile application, add several goods from your online menu to their carts, move to checkout, select a payment option, and place their orders.

Your restaurant’s ordering system automatically registers such orders on the back end after they are placed. All you have to do is handle the order, which includes cooking or preparing it, packing it, dispatching it, and delivering it. That is the typical online ordering technique these days. A more complex one will also provide you with a logistics management system.

The order journey from order placement to payment processing to food delivery is cut down to as little as 15 minutes. An online ordering system allows for far faster service than a dine-in point of sale, where your regular clients may have to wait for their orders for well over 60 minutes during peak hours.

While we’re on the topic of the benefits of online ordering systems, these systems are useful not only for restaurants and eateries but also for retailers, grocery stores, and wearable, gadgets – everything that one can think of will benefit from this system.

Now onto the main topic – The benefits of the online ordering system.

1. Increase in Revenue

One of the most significant advantages of establishing a digital ordering system for your restaurant is the ability to improve overall income. Not only will allowing customers to place online orders allow you to reach more customers, but cooperating with third-party delivery services has been shown to enhance restaurant sales volume by 10-20%.

Stand-alone system or a third-party website, whatever option you may choose the result will be beneficial. What you choose depends upon your workforce, availability, and your financial capability. Generally speaking, smaller businesses should look into third-party vendors like Bypasslines.

2. Improving Order Accuracy

Nobody enjoys receiving an incorrect order, especially when it is being delivered and there is no quick way to correct the issue. With a digital ordering system, your customers enter their orders, eliminating the possibility of miscommunication between your restaurant personnel and the customer at the time the order is placed. In addition, all order customizations are communicated to the kitchen so that orders are made exactly how clients want them.

3. More customers

If you look at the present models of food delivery, you’ll notice that they’re still quite limited. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Assume you wish to order from a restaurant nearly 20 kilometres distant. This may not be achievable, especially if the restaurant does not have suitable branches in your area.

A food delivery business, on the other hand, allows you to increase your consumer base. How? By raising your company’s visibility and, as a result, the growth of your consumer base. If you were previously only available by phone or on your website, your customers will now be able to place orders through a single platform.

4. Collecting Useful Customer Data

Knowing what your consumers enjoy and dislike is a crucial aspect of deciding how to run your business and what products to offer. You will be able to know exactly what your customers desire and generate customer records for each transaction if you use an online and digital ordering system. This can assist you in learning more about your customers, such as:

  •   Who are your frequent customers?
  •   How can sales and promotions be best personalized?
  •   What are your best-selling items?
  •   When is the busiest time of day?

5. Improving Your Online Presence

Advertising your company requires additional effort and money. However, with a digital ordering platform, you may always remain in front of your clients without having to spend money on additional advertising. Your customers will be able to easily access your restaurant, menu, and information without even leaving the comfort of their own homes.

In today’s digital age having an online is the ultimate ingredient needed for being successful. It’s no secret and everyone knows it.

Going Digital

You may think that going digital would require lots of changes and will be a huge hassle. But, the truth is that going digital is very easy. All you have to do is select between the two.

  •   POS (Point on Sale) software or stand-alone software which you’ll need to buy. Or,
  •   Get acquainted with third-party websites. These websites or applications feature your business on their platforms for a nominal fee.

Third-party platforms are generally a good place to foray into when going digital. These platforms don’t require huge financial investment and are easy to use. Bypass lines – an Online Ordering System is one such platform. Contact us today to know more!


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